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    Hi, my surgeon was very, very nice, might my doctor. The only problem I had was I had a shot at the pain clinic on September 29th, and I was telling Rahul about it. And I told him that I got the shot but the doctor over there wasn't sure if I was going to be effective because I was in so much pain. I was just warming and squiggly around and he wasn't sure if you got the shot in the right place. So the Dr. Rahul must've thought I said, I didn't get the shot. So he's scheduled me a second shot today, over at Mercy and when I got over there, they told me I couldn't have the shot, because I already had one last week. So there was a misunderstanding between the doctor and I, I thought it made it clear that I got the shot, but the doctor wasn't very confident in how he gave it to me, because of the pain I was in and the wiggling motion I was doing when he was trying
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